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My artistic career was launched in New York City in the 70’s with my supergraphic murals and large scale mobiles. Over the next 15 years my work reflected the modernity of the city: bright colors, strong lines, and an abstract representation of the times. While I embraced the city and all it had to offer I found myself feeling removed and made a decision to relocate to the countryside of Northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

There I was "reborn" by reconnecting with nature and creating works that reflected the endurance, beauty, and strength of my environment: Sand fresco murals incorporating nature’s mineral and plant elements; high-tech fountains that united technology, water, and weaving; kinetic steel sculptures celebrating wind power; and installations linking history with the present, highlighting environments, and improving man’s relationship with art.

Presently, I combine the artistic styles I set for myself in urban public installations, new sculpture sea series, and my signature fresco paintings incorporating fibers and 3-D perspectives.

Each work of art is inspired and created by me from inception to execution to final rendering.

I follow no guides except my personal ones and embrace risk. Risks in creating public projects that use colorful weaving as an historical linkage between and within spaces, rivers, and unused landscapes.

My expansive body of work in sculpture, paintings, mobiles, weavings, garden fountains and outdoor designs can be seen and explained in my 4000sq ft Rhode Island studio.

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